Parliamentary Diplomacy and Comparative Studies

We work with Somalia’s parliamentarians to build their capacity for diplomacy and assist them to enhance engagement and mutual understanding with other countries as well as increase the democratic legitimacy of the parliament.

parliament diplomacy and comparative studies somalia sips-min

Our Program

With regard to parliament diplomacy, we engage Somalia’s parliament and encourage members to participate in bilateral and multi-lateral meetings with other foreign parliaments or government agencies to discuss various issues and promote solutions to these issues. We build the capacity of parliamentarians to participate in Inter-Parliamentary meetings to discuss various matters. Through these workshops, the Somalia’s parliament can get an insight into solutions that can be implemented to solve existing national issues. These meetings also can serve as a linkage to other parliament systems. Also, we do comparative studies of foreign governments and provide findings to Somalia’s governmental agencies to enable them come up with solutions that fit the local context.


We Promote Inter-Parliament Dialogue.

We focus on building the capacity of Somalia’s parliament to hold inter-parliament dialogue.