Parliamentary Development

Parliaments are central to advance strong systems of democratic governance. They have crucial constitutional mandates in relation to lawmaking, oversight and representation. Parliaments provide an important forum for diverse groups to engage in national dialogue and policy making enabling citizens to express views, voice concerns and demand accountability.

Our Program

  • Rendering expert assistance in Parliamentary matters.
  • Serving as a seminal agency to generate new ideas and concepts for the healthy development of parliamentary democracy.
  • Training different stakeholders of democratic governance in areas relevant to healthy functioning of parliamentary democracy.
  • Network, train, and advice different agencies, institutions, and authorities on governance, democracy and diplomacy.
  • Working with Parliamentary Institutions at the national and global level for exchange of information and sharing of experience.
  • Conducting research on issues of parliamentary interest.
  • Integrating like-minded institutions so as to form an effective network to meet the objectives of the institute.
  • Undertaking and assist in the organization of conferences, workshops and seminars for the representatives of the people, government departments, local bodies and the public.
  • To familiarize with the life and work of the great leaders of parliamentary democracy and commemorate them.
  • To ensure active involvement of women in democratic decision making so as to achieve gender mainstreaming. and to promote understanding of parliamentary practices among youth.

Grow Your Leadership Skills

Become a better and well-informed leader by enrolling in our parliamentary development program.