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Legal Research and Constitutionalism

In our legal research program, we focus on identifying and retrieving information that is required for supporting legal decision-making. We analyze and assess the information to ensure its accurate and updated for use before submitting it.

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Our Program

SIPS is dedicated primarily to Somalia’s leaders’ development in areas of local, regional, and international law. We provide a forum for discussion among legal information professionals, legal scholars, government leaders, and attorneys. We enhance opportunities to share knowledge about available law resources, research methods, research techniques, and best practices. SIPS organizes presentations to ensure leaders are well-informed about Somalia’s constitution.

We are particularly mindful of the interdisciplinary and multicultural aspects of various foreign, comparative, and international law. Global legal policies and norms cannot exist without strong foundations built on exhaustive research. 


Professional Legal Research

We conduct professional legal research to help our partners get access to accurate and updated information.