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Good Governance and Public Sector Reforms

We believe Good Governance is the key to unlocking Somalia’s potential as a resourceful country and spurring economic development. For the country to achieve this, we engage with government agencies to improve their capacity for service delivery and demonstrating good governance processes.

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Our Program

SIPS aims to increase Somalia’s stability through participatory processes that involve various government agencies promote good governance in Somalia. Given the fragile nature of the political environment in Somalia, our organization maintains focus on impactful political stabilization activities at different political administration levels, with a main focus on federal governments. At the same time, we firmly support Somalia’s goal of transitioning from crisis response to political stabilization to achieve long-term development. We do this by facilitating coordination and join planning between community members, government agencies, and private sector actors on shared goals.

Our Good Governance and Public Sector Reforms is also aimed at addressing problems and challenges that arise to the weakness of existing government processes such as outdated legal and policy frameworks, rigid administration structures, etc. We do this by focusing the cause of these issues while promoting the principles of inclusiveness, transparency and accountability, which are key parts of development progress and economic performance.

The unique features and instruments under the program are:

  • Addressing the challenges in an integrated and holistic manner.
  • Promoting learning-by-doing approach.
  • Integrating principles of a sector-wide approach in design.


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We Promote Good Governance

We believe development and progress in Somalia can only be achieved through good governance in all government levels.