Gender Mainstreaming

Participation of women in politics is key to building effective democracy and good governance. We focus on empowering women to enable them participate in political decision-making and enhance Somalia’s democratic system.

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Our Program

Our gender streamlining program prioritizes increasing opportunities for women’s leadership by tracking representation and participation of women in political parties and political decision making. We focus on promoting gender equality in all political institutions through training and debates. This is key to enhancing capacity of Somali women to push their strategic interests in different political contexts including election processes. We partner with governmental and non-governmental agencies to build the capacity of Somali women political candidates and aspirants and equip women with tools and skills to ensure their political participation. Also, we organize women politically at the local level to facilitate their leadership abilities and give them a political platform to address their interests.


We Empower Women Politically

Our focus is to give build capacity of women to become active in Somalia’s politics and bring change to the society.