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Electoral Affairs and Political Parties

Elections are a fundamental part of a thriving democracy and because Somalia is a democratic nation, we focus on keeping track of electoral affairs. Also, we work with political parties in Somalia to guide them on how they can represent citizen’s interests.

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Our Program

Under the Electoral Affairs and Political Parties Program, SIPS supports political parties in Somalia through technical assistance and comparative knowledge production in the different areas. Some of our key focus areas in political consultancy include party organization, interparty dialogue, gender equality, political party finance, and citizens’ engagement. 

We engage in research and debate with election management bodies, political parties, civil groups, academia, and the private sector to facilitate knowledge sharing, discussions, and debate. Our aim is to ensure Somalia’s citizens can achieve change through the ballot. Our organization is also a trusted source for knowledge about Somalia’s politics and electoral affairs. We offer evidence-based information that could be applied to solve complex issues at both national, local, and party levels to ensure Somalia’s maintains a thriving democracy.


Electoral and Political Consultancy

We work with various participants in the electoral process including parties to come up with solutions that can bring long-lasting change to the country.